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The Jester

See her in Ancient Rome quietly observing the chariot races, waiting for her act to begin. She spent years traveling with gypsies in the 14th century. And by the 19th century, it seemed she had secured her place in the heart of man; she was the awakening, a revelation. After touring with The Greatest Show On Earth, she withdrew to Hungary. She remembers Mr. Fučík and his “Entrance of the Gladiators” and attended his funeral in 1916. It was there that she said goodbye to a dear friend and an old life.

It’s 1976 and now, now she has a spring in her step.

Vintage Lion Figurine by CalloohCallay; Vintage Charm Bracelet by FourthCoastVintage; 1970s Vintage Pom Pom Beret by LuncheonetteVintage; 1970s High Waisted Bell Bottom Jeans by GravelGhostVintage

Her circus may be in ruins, but she hasn’t been idle. Now there are traveling carnivals riddled with candy apple size holes in the foundations. She’s there: in the fun houses, mirror mazes, pay per play games. She’s even in the suburbs, at backyard birthday parties where the clown hired at seven dollars an hour makes a balloon animal for each child. She hears every birthday song and knows every wish.

Vintage Brass Circus Elephants by TheWhitePepper; 1970s Platforms by The Vintage Mistress; Vintage Carnival Chalkware Horse by Modred Vintage; Vintage Wool Jacket with Tails by Grocery

So let them play games for cheap prizes. They’ve made a joke out of her craft, and it’s her turn to put on a show.

Play track #1: Crazy On You by Heart.



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